27 August, 2014

Lubricants And Fenix UC40UE

superlube super lube super-lube
I bought 3 kinds of lubricants from BIC Warehouse on Amazon - the first time I had knowingly bought from a seller that shipped goods themselves. I chose this seller because it was the only one that sold all 3 (aside: there's no automatic way to see sellers that sell a specific set of products). I thought it would be good to have some lubricants around the house.
Note to future me: These are the lubricants you bought:
  • Super Lube 51010 oil (aside: I love how the product number is the same as its barcode! I don't think they do this in Singapore? Product numbers are a great, unambiguous, unique way of identifying a product.) The Amazon listing doesn't state this clearly, but this is "Super Lube® Oil with PTFE (High Viscosity)" in the catalog, or Super Lube Oil with Syncolon. This package is the 7 ml (1/4 oz) precision oiler.
  • Super Lube Grease with Syncolon, product number 21030. Listed in the catalog as "Super Lube® Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease". (aside: Super Lube is made by Synco Chemical Corporation) I can't find a clear statement of what both of these are made of, but I'm leaning towards carbon-based instead of silicone. This package is the 3 oz tube.
  • AGS graphite lubricant. Apparently you're not supposed to use oil in locks. Graphite is the correct lubricant. I thought this was only for locks, but the packaging says basically everything non-electronic.
All of them were around the same price, meaning the oil was the most expensive, per amount. Maybe it's the packaging. It's not obvious, but the oil came in a transparent, soft, plastic squeezy bottle and cap (a bit like correction fluid). The dispensing is just a hollow plastic nozzle. The cap has a nice metal clip that I'm already wondering what else it will fit on. So far I think the oil is the most useful. I had a quick look and Super Lube products don't seem available in Singapore, so I don't think I paid too much.

I bought these for my torch, based on the recommendations from CandlePowerForums' grease and lube thread. Super Lube was the cheapest, easiest to find, available in reasonable quantities and had the most other uses. So I wiped down my UC40UE's thread and o-ring, and greased them. Verdict: an improvement! It's smoother and doesn't feel grainy anymore. I saw some white spots and streaks (i.e. bare aluminium) starting to appear on the threads, so it's a good thing I started lubing them. At least I don't use the lock-out function, or twist the cap often.

I also sparingly greased my Ti2 Sentinel. This didn't show much difference, probably because the threads don't mesh as closely and there's no spring tension. I didn't put much grease as I sometimes use it for storing paper, and I think the grease would stain.

Update 30 Aug 14
Buying lubes in Singapore
If you don't want to buy (from overseas / so much), I've found these alternatives locally:
Silicone grease - Outdoor Life at Wheelock Place sells a small tub of o-ring grease for around $9. $4 at Black Tactical. Fstop Lights. All these are more expensive, per quantity, than what I bought, and they may not work in other applications.
Oil - The Planet Traveller sells a small bottle of Victorinox Multi Tool Oil for around $7.

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