18 January, 2015


When using Singapore's Immigration & Checkpoints Authority's Submission of Application for Visa Electronically system, I had a funny problem. After configuring Internet Explorer as instructed, on the page that says "Welcome to SAVE This facility allows you to submit a visa application online through your local contact.", after clicking on "Proceed to Submit", it briefly says "redirecting to SingPass" before stopping on a blank page.

I found this post: Strange problem of Singapore ICA’s SAVE system that said the problem was adding things to the trusted sites. I removed the psi and enets sites and it still didn't work. I removed, I think, singpass services and it works! So if you're facing the same problem, try it. Not sure how it affects the rest of the application, though.

Oh, and it looks like you have to apply 30 days or nearer to your intended arrival date. Processing time is supposed to be one working day, and they seem to give a visa starting from the approval date, so you can arrive earlier than you intend to.

14 January, 2015

Tools' Hardnesses

Relative hardnesses of some tools:
  • EDCgear's Munroe mega dangler clone: 450
  • Boker Vox Access Tool: 650
  • Another mega dangler clone: 680
  • EDCgear curved prybar: 1000
  • Leatherman Brewzer clone: 880

The action can't be completed because the file is open in Firefox

Recently I've been getting stuck with the above message when trying to delete files, after uploading them. Only started happening after updating my Firefox to 34.0.5. Happens when I upload to Picasa Web Albums or Google Drive. At least the problem goes away when I close Firefox, but it's still troublesome to restart Firefox so I'm using Chrome to upload files for now.

11 January, 2015

Thinkware X300

Alright, I'm starting this post before fully testing out this recorder, because the beginning is when I have the most to say. Ok preliminary stuff. Thinkware is also known as Inavi. Keyword stuffing: dash cam cams dashcam dashboard camera cameras recorder video recorders driving black box boxes blackbox blackboxes (this isn't for search engines, it's for me to find this post)

How does this compare with what I was looking for?
  • Wide-angle. Check.
  • Low-light. No particular mentioning of this, some say its low-light performance is not very good.
  • Front and back. Check.
  • Crash protection. Check. It actually does this very well. It has internal memory, which you can order it to copy to the card. It even has a supercapacitor (like a battery, but not) to record for a while after power is interrupted!
  • Heat-resistant. Check. Said to be the most heat-resistant brand, more than Blackvue. Has a temperature sensor.
  • Motion-detection. Check. Can be wired directly to the battery and can be set to turn off when battery voltage drops to a certain voltage.
  • Inconspicuous. Not really, but at least the white LED around the lens can be turned off. The 2 small LEDs on the LCD side can't be turned off.
  • No LCD screen. I actually changed my mind on this and wanted an LCD screen. 1. Check camera angle, especially since camera is removable. 2. Change settings. So this was what I wanted.
  • Removable. Check, but only the front camera.
  • Sound recording can be disabled. Check.
  • Uninstallable. Check, or so I heard.
  • Time and date stamp. Check. Can't be turned off.
  • Does not interfere with sensors. Check, so far.
  • Able to format memory cards. Check. Not only check, they say this is something you need to do regularly.

Note: the X300's rear camera is the BCH-500. The F550's is the BCH-350. F550 is similar in specs but has GPS and no LCD screen. Got front and rear installed for S$700.

Installation was pretty simple, as in the cameras can only angle up and down, so you have to install the lens in the centre of the vehicle. You don't have much choice over where to install it. I still got professional installation because of the vehicle power connection.

Usage: it's pretty easy to use, and I think most people can figure it out without the manual. There are basic settings like resolution, frame rate, sensitivity. Automatic recording is divided into 4 types:
  • While driving: continuous and impact
  • While parked: motion detection and impact
There's also manual recording and photos.

Casual comments:
  • It seems to be fixed-focus, not autofocus.

Some things I don't like so far:
  • it takes really long to start up and change modes
  • the oddest thing is you have to partition the memory card into specific sections, and you can only choose from 3 partition schemes:
If you're planning to record parking, you'll pretty much have to use scheme C, which has the most for parking motion. The thing is, once a category is used up, it'll overwrite older files in that category, even if the rest of the card is empty. Example: you park and put in a 32 GB card. Once it records 15% of 32 GB of motion, it'll record over previous parking files, even though the card is 85% empty.

I did some measurements for a 32 GB card:
  • Parking motion detection. HD front and back, 15 FPS, it recorded 4.23 GB or about 52 minutes.
  • Parking motion. HD front and D1 back, 15 FPS (basically lowest quality). 4.22 GB or about 1 hour 4 minutes.
  • Continuous (driving) recording, full HD front and HD back, it recorded 11.1 GB or 1 hour 45 minutes (may not be full).
Maybe I park in really busy areas, but for motion detection I was able to cover about 8 hours, i.e. there was 1 hour of motion in 8 hours.

I specifically got the camera wired to my battery and it can only record max about 1 hour 10 minutes of motion :\ 32 GB is the max card size it supports. There should be a way to manually partition it, or better still, put continuous and motion detection in one category and impacts in another category.

It displays your battery voltage on the screen! I still can't figure out how it detects when your car is on, because it can tell when I turn on electrical power without starting the engine. Maybe:
  • If voltage drops from 14 - 12 V, switch to parking mode after 1+ minute
  • If voltage dips slightly from 12 V, switch to driving mode
  • If voltage rises from 12 - 14 V, switch to driving mode
Oh, you can't switch between these 2 modes yourself. I'm just wondering, for a car that has start-stop, could it switch to parking mode when your car is stopped? There's a delay of 1+ minute before it switches modes, and presumably if you stop for longer than that it'll think you're parked.

Settings are stored on the card. It writes an .exe file on each card that lets you change the settings. Might be for those without screens, but it's still useful. The screenshot above is from that program. Alright the program on the card messes up your settings. You can use it to look at your current settings, but only change them on the camera. That's what the screen is for.

Before this, I was thinking of getting a GoPro, which are about $300-400 and should have similar video quality. In the end I didn't because:
  • They're about the same price (although you can use the GoPro for other things)
  • You need to remove the GoPro when you park
  • If you remove the GoPro, how are you going to adjust the angle when you put it back?
  • Am I going to charge the GoPro every day?
  • If you charge it every day, the battery won't last very long
  • The main reason was, reviews on Amazon say the GoPros have very buggy software. They restart or only record for a few minutes or flat out don't work.

This is what the interface looks like. 3 shortcuts on the left to: sound recording, manual recording and picture taking. About Device tells you the memory status and some basic explanations.

Stick-On Card Pouches

There aren't many choices for phone cases with card storage, which is odd because there's a demand for them - my posts on such cases are some of the most popular posts on this site. An alternative is to get a normal case, and get a stick on pouch / wallet / pocket. The aim of this post is to collect such pouches I've come across.

First, there's the Sinji Pouch (not shinji), by Sinjimoru. First mentioned in iPhone 5 Card Cases. I think I've bought one, but can't find it right now. These pouches are highly elastic and can hold other things like earphones and even small bottles (!) I think they're made of Spandex/Lycra (just found out these 2 are the same material!)
Ok yup, I found mine. Obviously, haven't used it yet:
They have a few different models and I'm not sure what the differences are.

KAPOTAS - The Dual Purpose Wallet with Re-Usable Backing
Made of leather, works alone or sticks to phones with micro-suction acrylic foam.

The PigiBak: Simply a better way to carry your stuff. 
Looks similar to the Sinji pouch. They say this is made of Lycra Spandex.

08 January, 2015

Things In 2015

Islamic gunmen attack office of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12. They escape and take a hostage in a printing complex. Separately, another gunman kills a policewoman and takes hostages in a supermarket. Eventually, all gunmen are killed.
Mr Ello Ed Mundsel Bello, a nurse at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, insults Singaporeans, claims his Facebook account was hacked, fired. So basically Anton Casey again.


06 January, 2015

Physical Crowdfunded Things I've Bought

PortPilot Pro, $99 USD including shipping. My post

Ti2 Sentinel, SGD$140 including shipping. I missed the campaign so I bought this afterwards. Post

Qlipter, USD$20 without international shipping.

ZipSeam, USD$24 without international shipping

Titanuim Key System, USD$18 for 2 without international shipping

TiMaG (titanium), USD$21 including shipping

Handgrey (I didn't actually get one but I got a Bauhaus carabiner from the project) USD$63 including shipping

Tyny Tools, USD$15 including shipping

Ti2 Titanium Wallet, USD$44 including shipping

Keystone, USD$20 including shipping

Linkmount, USD$25 including shipping

Side Opening Organizers, USD$33 including shipping

Fish Bone, USD$5 including shipping (bought from the Diesel Fish project)

TiTweezers, USD$66 including shipping

EDC Ink, USD$68 including shipping

04 January, 2015


Is a phone accessory you stick on the back of your phone with VHB (very strong 3M double-sided) tape. It adds a ring you can use to hold your phone or as a stand.
I actually got it a few months ago and used it with my Pop! ID case, but never mentioned it. Main reason for getting it was to hold my phone more securely when taking one-handed pictures.

  • Valore sells a more expensive, but repositionable version
  • Linkmount on Kickstarter. Also finger hole, stand, and this adds a camera tripod socket.
  • i-Ox on Kickstarter

The back has a square of VHB tape with the centre cut out (grey). The tape is very strong and can easily support your phone. They also say it's removable, but not reusable.

Does it work? Yes, but you gotta carefully consider where you're going to stick it. I stuck mine a bit too low (because the camera shutter button is low) and when putting my phone down flat, it tilted the wrong way (bottom of phone higher than top). It's good to grip and works as a stand. Again, if you put it in the right place. Its rotation loosens a bit as it ages. The flipping of the ring (as in laying flat against your phone or sticking out) can be tightened with the small screw.

It will damage your phone/case slightly:

Is it removable without residue? Yes, as you can see. You have to "floss" it away. I used fine wire to cut it. And after 6 months of use:
It's actually pretty well designed. You can see a light grey metal circle under the VHB tape, which reinforces the mount. If not, the plastic might just rip out.

It's reusable if you replace the VHB tape, but I have a Linkmount on order so I'll use that. Still deciding where to stick it.

Verus Damda iPhone 6 Plus Case

When looking for a case, this time I wasn't specifically looking for a card-carrying one. It's ironic that I got one in the end. There were no other satisfactory iPhone 6 Plus cases in stores here. I don't know if the 6+ isn't as popular as the 6 (unlikely) or the cases are harder to make or what.

iPhone 5 cases:

I didn't want a card case because the 6+ is already bulky, and I was going to use a stick-on pouch I already bought. I did want a stiff, preferably aluminium, case to prevent bending.

Now, if I'm going to buy a case from a shop, it has to either be "branded" or very cheap. I hadn't heard of the Korean brand Verus before, but they have a website and they're sold on Amazon so they seem pretty big.

Case-wise, this holds 2 cards. It isn't as chunky as OtterBox's or Targus' card-holding cases. There's a lot of wasted space around the cards because the phone is so much bigger, though. The door is meant to slide open but it can easily be removed. I wouldn't stick any rings or lanyard attachments on the door.

Buttons are fully covered. Ports have individual cut-outs. They're quite small so cables with big plugs won't fit. So far I'm happy with this case.

30 December, 2014

Wocol Charge Booster

Main post on the iHustler, listing all such products

I couldn't find the iHustler again, but I found a similar product for $5 on Qoo10.

It registers as DCP on my PortPilot Pro, but I'm not sure if it changes according to the device because the back says, "Designed with Auto Detect Technology that helps to identify the connected device providing the optimal and fastest charging power". Personally this sounds a bit advanced for such a simple & cheap device and I expect it to be DCP all the way, which is good enough for my iPhone.

iPhone 6 Plus

I didn't get one at launch and it's always been out of stock, even now. But one weekend I managed to snag one. They didn't have any 64 GB white (sorry, silver) so I had to join the dark side with black (sorry, space grey).

First, wow, that's one UGLY box. I somehow still have all my iPhone boxes, so I was able to compare them. When I first saw the box I thought the phone came with a free screen protector, because it had the screen shape sticking out. Then I realised that's just the way the box is. It seems like the 6 has a "normal" box, only the 6 Plus has this ridiculously minimalist hieroglyph. Some people say it's to save money (unlikely, since embossing costs more than printing and money isn't really an issue for Apple), some say it's to highlight the curves. The speaker and Home button are glossy (spot UV?)

Phone-wise, it's pretty much the same as previous iPhones. Yes, it's the biggest iPhone yet, but it's fit in every pocket I've tried so far. I wonder if (men's) pockets are mostly the same size, since phones top out at 5.5-5.7" (Note 4) and I don't think it's a coincidence. No, you can't fully use it with one hand. You can reach the entire screen with some maneuvering, if you support it against your body or don't mind just resting it on your hand (as opposed to gripping it, i.e. you can't hold it upside down).
Edges of screen are curved, so screen protectors have to stop short. You can see the edge of the screen protector in the picture. Camera lens sticks out, necessitating a case more than ever. I'd rather make the whole phone thicker and increase the battery life. True Tone Flash seems to help, I haven't really tried slow motion or time lapse (who can dedicate their phone for time lapse?). Touch ID works, but because the sensor is smaller than your finger, you have to register the same part of your finger you use.

There are some things they overlooked. Like the 6 Plus supports 6+1 rows of apps, but still only displays 9 apps in every folder:
It's as though they just stuck a bigger screen on an iPhone instead of designing one from the ground up... Also, apps that aren't updated for the iPhone 6 Plus just stretch to fill the screen, making everything larger.

There are some disappointing bugs:
  • The first picture you take in a while doesn't make any sound. No shutter sound after updating ios 8.1 on iphone 5s No camera shutter sound on first shot. As I said, bookmarking threads in Apple help is frustratingly difficult and finding your bookmarks is mind-bogglingly harder. It's so ridiculously difficult it must have been done on purpose.
  • Brightness control: opening Control Centre dims the screen, making accurately adjusting brightness impossible. They fixed this by un-dimming the screen when you touch the brightness slider. Sort of, it usually doesn't work on the first try. Another bug: sometimes, after adjusting brightness, when you release the slider, it jumps to another position.
  • Some I've mentioned, mainly tapping on SMS notifications doesn't bring you to the SMS app. Sometimes.
  • It was stuck on Continue Restoring. Fortunately I was able to cancel and didn't lose any data. On the bright side, most apps now restore data seamlessly, an improvement from 2 years ago.
I made this list of specific bugs, because there are lots of articles claiming "latest iPhone is the buggiest ever!" every time an iPhone comes out, but none actually state the bugs. They usually say something like "50% more app crashes!" with no details at all.

The Screen
Apple makes a big deal of their screen, and it certainly has improved a lot. Off the top of my head, these are the improvements: IPS, Retina resolution, gluing the touch sensor layer to the screen, now they say the iPhone 6 has UV photo alignment, dual-domain pixels, and an improved polariser. There are some independent measurements of the display tracking the improvements. But the touchscreen aspect seems oddly ignored. Surely it has changed from the first iPhone until now? One thing I'm wondering is, what's the touchscreen resolution? Surely not as high as the display. This is actually very important for things like the keyboard.

To be continued...

26 December, 2014


Ok, I couldn't find a word for what I'm talking about here and was going to call them "false descriptive names", then I found out they're called "misnomers". Knowing the correct term makes searching for more and being found much easier.
  • Seedless watermelon (they aren't really seedless, they just have small seeds. Why can't they be truly seedless like grapes?)
  • Stainless steel (not really stain-proof)
  • Dry and sweet when describing wines (not really dry or sweet in the conventional sense, although the words dry and sweet could have different meanings)
  • "Blue" and "yellow" when describing dogs.
  • Volkswagen's DQ200 Direct-Shift Gearbox, which is said to use "dry" clutches, which aren't really dry and still use oil, although less. 
  • Free size / one-size-fits-all 
  • Peanuts are neither a pea nor a nut. Sandpaper contains neither sand nor paper.
  • Pencil leads aren't made of lead any more

19 December, 2014

Picasa Web Albums Still Limited To 1000 Photos

If you insist on using the old PWA interface instead of Google+, you'll see that the album limit is supposed to be 2000 photos. And indeed, it is. You can upload 2000 photos. But you'll only be able to see the first 1000. So it's really 1000 photos per album. But you can see all the photos if you use Google+, or even my Best Album app on iOS (not by Google).

Some discussion here:
I'm putting a link here because bookmarking them with your account is mind-bogglingly difficult, and this is even more so for Apple. It's as though they don't want you to keep track of their problems!

15 December, 2014

Swype On iOS 8

I'll be frank - custom keyboards was the only thing I was looking forward to on iOS 8, and they botched this up. iOS 8 is a disappointment so far. I mean, these are the issues not relating to the custom keyboards:
  1. Apple backpedaled and killed Photo Stream and Camera Roll, then they backpedaled again and restored Camera Roll in 8.1
  2. Annoying reminders that mobile data is turned off for certain apps
  3. App Store - STILL no sorting or filtering
  4. For no reason, writing reviews in the App Store has a huge font
  5. Only cursory, token support for adjusting text size, even in the built-in apps. http://lowvisionrants.com/2013/12/26/where-ios-7s-dynamic-type-works-and-where-it-fails/
  6. SMS - swiping the notification from the Lock Screen or tapping it in Notification Center used to bring you to the Messages app, now this is hit-and-miss
  7. Did they really create an unremovable app to show me 19 random tips? Apple products have never had good, thorough manuals. I suspect it's because they expect their products to be "intuitive". Seems very stupid to add features and not tell people about them, but whatever. Looks like too many of their features are going unnoticed, so they created the Tips app. But it's of no use and can't be removed.
Apple has lost their famous attention to detail, they can't get their basics right and they're losing ground.

Anyway, I was glad to have more choices for keyboards, because phones have come a long way, but text input is way waay behind. I thought Swype would be much much better, but there are some caveats:
  • You can only use one hand.
  • You have to get the word right in one try. You can't break up long words. This is especially a problem if you're having sensitivity issues or accidentally move out of the keyboard area.
  • You can't use the iOS shortcuts. You can't use any custom shortcuts whatsoever.
  • Punctuation is a pain
  • The first version had some really really stupid things, like asking me to add single numbers to my dictionary. I know this is their first time on iOS, but they've been on Android for years now, so I expect more than a beta-level development.
The net result is that Swype's benefit is minimal to nonexistent. Limiting yourself to only one hand already cuts speed by about 50%, and Swype definitely isn't 200% as fast as the iOS keyboard.

Since it looks like they still have no idea how to make a user-friendly keyboard, I'm putting this here for them:
  1. Always have an undo option
  2. TELL PEOPLE WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO REPLACE WHAT THEY TYPE. It's really obvious that there are 2 distinct situations 1) the keyboard suggests a word, but leaves what you type 2) the keyboard will replace what you type with their suggestion. I don't know why they don't make this clear.
  3. BE CONSISTENT - if I type some letters and it suggests a word, if I type more letters of that word, THE SUGGESTION SHOULD NOT CHANGE. If I type other letters then remove them, THE SUGGESTION SHOULD COME BACK.
  4. I'm looking at you iOS - if you have a space above the keyboard for suggestions, STICK TO IT. Don't suggest words at the cursor anymore. Don't have suggestions all over the page.

I typed "leave early" and iOS suggested "peace early". This is some rage-inducing programming right here. Seriously? Are they even trying?

11 December, 2014

PayPal Address History

When buying things and paying with PayPal, most commonly on eBay but also used by small-time sellers, PayPal presents you with a list of your recently-used addresses. It's meant for convenience, but mine became annoying when the list grew longer and longer, with repeated entries. There's no way to clear this list. Examples of people asking this:
I must emphasise that these addresses are NOT in my address book. They're just addresses I've used God knows how long ago, that PayPal still keeps. They're a problem because:
  1. Security issue if someone gains access to your account
  2. High chance of sending things to the wrong address
  3. Many repeated entries
It's puzzling why PP decides to keep these forever. Not expecting much, I sent PayPal a message. If enough people make a fuss, maybe they'll change this odd decision. I was also considering opening a new PP account just because of this. They auto-replied with an email:
Below this section, it says "If these do not answer your question, please reply to this email with as much information as possible." So I replied and expected more generic replies from PP.

Then, a few days later, I got a call from a +60 phone number. I didn't want to answer it at first. When they said they were from PayPal, I was suspicious, because this is a common tactic by scams. I was careful not to reveal any more personal information. They only asked for my email address and real name. Amazingly, they understood my problem! More amazingly, they said they would delete the old addresses (and read a few of them to verify)! I got this email from them:
During the call, they said they would also give me $10 credit!! I received 2 follow-up emails from them, the one above and this one:
I have since spent the credit so I can confirm this is for real. However, I haven't checked to see if the addresses are really gone.

Now, I had a slightly bad opinion of PayPal at first, and this experience gave me more confidence in them. Not only were they able to fix my problem without me having to explain it repeatedly, they even gave me credit! I'm not saying they'll do this for everyone (they probably saw how much I spent on PayPal), but if you have lots of old addresses you want to get rid of, you could try emailing them.

07 December, 2014

Ace Of Base

I heard this song on the radio. The chorus went something like "don't turn around". Hmm, that sounds a lot like another song, I think it goes "all that she wants". Searched for the second song. Yup, "All That She Wants" is a 1993 song by Ace Of Base. So did don't turn around copy / was inspired by / is a tribute to All That She Wants? Searched for it, turns out Don't Turn Around came out first, in 1992, also by Ace Of Base! I prefer All That She Wants. Hmm do all their songs sound like that? I know there's a band whose songs all start with a long, drawn-out female voice: "hooooowwww caaaaann yoooooouuuu sseeeeee....."

New songs inspired by old:
"Pump It", Black Eyed Peas - Misirlou
"On The Floor", Jennifer Lopez - Stereo Love (this was the song I was actually thinking about when I wrote this, but I couldn't remember either of their names. And this isn't simply sounding similar - they straight off ripped the tune from the other song. It's not only my opinion, either: J-Lo’s "On the Floor": Plagiarizing a plagiarized song?)
Ice Ice Baby and Under Pressure I don't know who copied whom.

20 November, 2014

Panasonic NN-DS592B Combination Microwave Oven

I bought this oven, thinking it could replace several kitchen appliances: conventional (normal, baking) oven, toaster, steamer and microwave. Unfortunately I don't recommend it as it's ridiculously difficult to use. At first I thought I was growing old when I couldn't understand the manual. Now, having tried to use the oven, I found out it's not me. I also have a Panasonic fridge and the manual is similarly hard to understand / missing information, so maybe Panasonic just isn't good at writing manuals. A pity, because I was quite happy with their TV.

Ok so what's so hard to use about it?
  1. It has many modes (that's fine, that's why I bought it), but it doesn't clearly state what kinds of heating each mode uses. e.g. does combination use microwaves? Does double-grill use microwaves? (answer: yes and yes) This is important, because you need to know whether you can use metal in such modes.
  2. You'd think all the modes are equivalent, but for some reason they're spread out all over the controls and manual. I mean, some are above the round knob and some are below.
  3. It comes with no less than FOUR trays, TWO of which can only be used in ONLY ONE MODE EACH. The LCD even has an indicator which tray to use, but the icons all look similar. It also has a reference table showing which trays and modes are compatible.
This is way beyond what you can expect the average household to learn.

For example, I was trying to grill a sausage. So I put aluminium foil on the double-grill tray and used the double-grill mode. Does the double-grill use microwaves? See above. "Hmm, does my sausage contain glitter?" "No? It's sparking, then"

Ok fine, switch to the normal, conventional oven mode. This should be fine, right? What's that plasticky smell? Check the reference table. THE DOUBLE-GRILL TRAY IS ONLY FOR THE DOUBLE-GRILL MODE! Why? BECAUSE THE BOTTOM OF THE TRAY HAS PLASTIC! (Aside: I think the double-grill mode uses the heating element to cook from the top, and the tray absorbs microwaves to cook from the bottom, because it has no bottom heating element)

18 November, 2014

AmazonGlobal's Free Shipping

First post about Amazon's international shipping

I can't figure out why shipping is charged for some products, even though they seem to be eligible for free shipping. The conditions seem to be:
  • Larger than 18" × 14" × 8"
  • Heavier than 20 lbs
  • If the item says it has to be shipped separately (see the right side of the picture below)

I was trying to buy the product above. It wasn't too big or heavy, so I'm guessing it's the "ship separately" clause that disqualifies it.

If an item meets these conditions, shipping will be charged on THE WHOLE ORDER, which isn't very good programming. i.e. if I have an eligible USD125 order with free shipping and then add an ineligible product, I now have to pay shipping for the original order AND the new product, instead of only the new product as I'd expect. The solution is to break it into 2 orders.

More questions:
  • Are products sold by other sellers (fulfilled by Amazon) also eligible for free global shipping? Can they at least use Amazon's international shipping prices? So far the answers seem to be no.
  • You know how some sites earn money by having a link to Amazon, and Amazon pays them a commission when you buy things from that link? Amazon also has a charity, Smile, that works in a similar way. When you start shopping from the Amazon Smile page, Amazon donates some money you spend to charity. How does this work? Does Amazon keep track of when you add every item to your cart and who to donate to? Or is the donation for the entire cart?
  • Is there any way to tell which seller you're buying from when looking at your cart? Sellers make a huge difference in delivery, shipping, reliability and Amazon is either nonchalant about telling or deliberately obscuring this information. I'm leaning towards the latter.

07 November, 2014

Fenix UC35

Fenix has released the UC35 torch, which is very similar to my UC40UE. I'm not sure if it's meant to replace the UC40UE.

  • Same Cree XM-L2 U2 "emitter" (bulb)
  • 960 lumens
  • Similar throw distances
  • Power sources: 18650, CR123A

  • The major difference is the UC35 can charge any 18650 battery. While the UC40UE can run off any 18650 battery, it can only charge its own double-ended battery. (not sure how "any" is "any" battery, i.e. protected batteries)
  • Because of the wider range of batteries it charges, there are more charging protections.
  • UC35 has another low level, 50 lumens. Other levels are shifted up. However its lowest is also raised to 14 lumens, which I think is actually LESS useful than the UC40UE's of 10.
  • Charging port is moved to the side
  • UC35 has a pocket clip?
  • It now has dual switches, so it has momentary on.

05 November, 2014

Data In StarHub's Prepaid Top Up Form

I tried to top up my StarHub prepaid mobile account online and the form already had this data:
Opa opa
Doesn't seem like a real person. I'm just wondering if this is someone's data leaked, or just a placeholder like lorem ipsum? Because long ago, Neopets had a bug where the login fields would be filled with someone else's data.