24 July, 2018

Panasonic Air Purifier Replacement Filters

Remember my Panasonic F-PJD35A?
First reviewed in 2011
And again during the haze in 2013

I'd been using the filter waay longer than recommended (2 years) because I couldn't find replacement filters for it. Panasonic has poor support for their air purifiers. Surprisingly the old filter could still reduce PM2.5 to 1, measured by my Xiaomi https://mbni.blogspot.com/2018/01/xiaomi-pm25-detector.html

Apparently it's much easier to find new filters than expected. All that seems to matter are the numbers in the model name - 35 in this case. All models using the same numbers appear to use the same filters. I bought the filter for the F-PXF35 / F-PMF35A and it fits. Size is stated as 402x217x32.

So what's the filter like?
 Yeah, the old one is a little dusty on the inside...

It's supposed to be white??

The old, original one has a thick layer between the outer mesh and the pleats. It released a lot of dust when I cut it so I didn't cut further.

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