About this blog

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you find it useful. Please feel free to leave comments.

I first started this blog to:
  • write my comments on technology
  • review products since I found reviews were biased, did not cover the things I wanted or reviewers did not use the products for long enough to test them fully. For example, the HTC Magic reviews didn't mention any of the glaring flaws I found, or nobody mentioned what versions of Photoshop Elements came with the Bamboo. Most reviews also didn't cover enough time to test reliability.

Since then, the blog has grown to include these other functions:
  • keep track of tips and ideas, like a scrapbook
  • in writing ideas down, I feel like I'm making room for new ones
  • record things, like other blogs, and augment my memory, like a pensieve
  • teach things
  • publish experiments
  • learn HTML - some of the posts may seem trivial or egotistic, but I'm using them to learn new things
  • practice writing

The Name
I started this blog soon after I got my MacBook Pro and had a lot to write about it, hence the name. This blog is NOT dedicated to MacBooks and I do NOT consider myself an Apple fan. Rather, like the philosophy of TinyURL and bitly, I believe it's easier for people to remember 4 random characters than a few words, so I chose 4 with the slightest meaning I could find.