Recommend/Regret List

In keeping with one of this blog's initial aims to be a review site, this is a list of all-time good and bad things to buy.

It's really hard to recommend things to people, because everyone's needs are different. Even if price weren't a factor, there is no such thing as the best computer. With price thrown in, it's even harder. I want this to be a list of things for everyone, so you really should consider things on this list.
  • eBay - buy things that can't be found elsewhere, buy cheap things, sell unwanted things
  • Sea To Summit's Travel Wallet (medium) - for passports 
  • Innergie mMini AC15 - charges everything so far, powerful, small, cheaper than most branded chargers, 2 USB ports

  • HTC Magic -  I won't be buying any HTC phones for a while
  • Netgear routers - don't support a company that produces devices especially hard to configure with no benefits
  • McAfee 
  • InvisibleShield - expensive, hard to apply (requires 2 people and water? Do you think it's a good idea to intentionally apply water to devices with moisture detectors?) and most of all, poor protection.