22 August, 2014

Lock&Lock Water Bottle

I bought this water bottle from Lock&Lock, thinking it should be quite good, but it was horribad. I recycled it after just a few uses. This design is quite common and I wonder if others had the same problems.

IT STANK. I know water bottles can pick up smells, especially if you drink while eating, but this stank above and beyond normal and acceptable limits. Not only the spout, even the water itself would reek. I can't see why as it was made of normal materials - PP for the lid, and I think Tritan for the clear part. Even after washing in the morning, it would smell by the end of the day. Now, all my other bottles, even disposable ones I dragged for longer than their design life, could go for days, no problem. Those PET bottles for drinks - I only rinsed them with water, no soap touched them, and they could easily make a week.

I also didn't like the design. I want all my drinking surfaces to be covered. Think about all the dust and dirt around you. It settles on the exterior surfaces of your bottle. If you drink from those surfaces, into your system they go. (yeah, I don't like those with bite-valves and external straws. Still undecided on CamelBak's Podium.) To show you what I mean, I sprinkled powder on the water bottle when it was closed:
Imagine this is dirt. Or dust. Or sand. Or mud. Or pathogens. What happens when I open the cap?
Loook, unless you're pouring into your mouth, you're also taking a mouthful of powder when you drink! If you wouldn't lick exposed surfaces in your environment, I don't see why you'd use a bottle like this.

So I'm on the search for a new, better water bottle with these requirements:
  • 500-800ml
  • Can be washed with boiling water. The easiest way to wash your bottle outside is to fill it with boiling water and pour it over the cap. This is the hardest property to find, if you're looking for a manufacturer to explicitly state that "our plastic bottle can be used with hot water". But I may go easy on this since I'm not going to actually drink hot water from the bottle, just wash it, so it just has to not degrade.
  • No exposed drinking surfaces!
  • Not insulated!
  • Easy to clean, no nooks and crannies. Drains completely. My Nalgene N-Gen would always retain some liquid. This is the second-hardest property to find. O-rings must be removable. 
  • Ideally, I can fit my hand inside to clean.
  • Doesn't leak, duh. Doesn't open when dropped.
  • Ideally, small mouth to drink from when walking.
  • Ideally, one-handed openable and closable.

My Tupperware mixing tumbler actually meets most of these, but it bursts open when dropped.

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