02 August, 2013

Simple Fixes For Autocorrect

Here are some things that can be implemented with just a software update that would make autocorrect better, since they seem to be short of ideas. No hardware changes needed.
  1. Undo must always work. Autocorrect currently has undo, but it only works about half of the time. This way, when it does something stupid, you can easily change it back. Undo should not only work for the last word, but at least the whole screen.
  2. Predictability. I think one of iOS' design guidelines is your options display shouldn't depend on how you got there, i.e. no hysteresis. If I type "impl" and it suggests "implement", it should always suggest "implement" when I have typed "impl", whether I type "impla" and backspace the "a", or however I came to have "impl" on the screen. Currently, if it suggests something and you type more and the suggestion disappears, when you backspace, the suggestion may not return.

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