28 July, 2013

Huawei E5151 - Hardware

The bottom of the E5151 is flat and it has no raised feet to stand on. Rather, the matte surfaces on the top and bottom are rubberised plastic, and the entire bottom acts as one foot.


These are the only ports on the device: RJ45 and microUSB. According to the manual, it can connect in the following ways:
  • 3G > WiFi
  • 3G > USB
  • 3G > Ethernet
  • Ethernet > WiFi


The back cover simply slides open, like most mobile phones. As much as I like seamless and unibody construction, I love devices that can be opened easily.
Inside the back cover is a sticker with a custom (I think) SSID and password for each device.

Underneath the battery is the SIM card holder. The SIM card slides under the metal bar, which is easier and works with adaptors, unlike having a SIM card slot. My microSIM kept falling out of the adaptor, so I stuck it on with double-sided tape.

Indicator Lights

This is one area where the E5151 fares worse than other, cheaper devices with OLED screens. All indicator lights only have 2 or at the most, 3 colours, meaning you only have a vague idea of signal strength or battery life.
  • Ethernet - blinking or steady green
  • (3G) Signal - green, orange or red
  • Wi-Fi - steady green only
  • Battery - steady green, blinking green or steady red
  • Messages (SMS) - steady or blinking green


There is only one button on the outside - Power. The inside has a reset button.

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