02 August, 2013

Huawei E5151 - Software

The E5151 has lots of settings available, like any good router.

The front page, accessible without logging in, shows connection strength, time and data, your phone number (it's there, I just hid mine) and number of WLAN users. The icons in the top right show what the indicator lights miss - especially signal strength and battery. But it still doesn't show battery life as a percentage.

It shows full data statistics - sent, received and duration for current session and since last reset.

It can read and send SMS through the browser, no software needed.

The ethernet connection can be set up as PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP and LAN only.

WLAN has settings such as MAC filtering and DHCP. It also has other settings like firewall, DMZ and NAT.

One feature I must mention is quick boot. It's supposed to start up in 5 seconds, and it really works! Sometimes it takes longer, but it still booted up in around 10 seconds.

To save power, it only connects to 3G as needed, like a phone. It will also let its WiFi sleep if it's not been used for a certain amount of time. I think this can be disabled. When sleeping, clicking the Power button will wake it up.

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