24 August, 2013

Returning invisibleSHIELD

My shield came unstuck and had lots of air bubbles when I tried to put it back. Despite it being not very good, I tried their return process, just to see how easy it was. Overall, I'm happy:
  • International shipping is just USD$9.99 - reasonable
  • You have 60 days to send your old one back - generous
  • They send the new one immediately, so if you want to time it, you can be never without a shield.
  • They send a confirmation email when they've received your old shield, which is reassuring.
One thing I don't like is the tight control they keep over the material - all the cut-out pieces have been removed from the final product, and they want you to send the old one back (not sure if they verify it, though).

This is what the old one looked like when I sent it back - yellow and cracking. It was very easy to remove, much easier than the Gelaskin, probably because it's so stretchy, like 3M's Command Adhesive.

I also took the opportunity to do some tests on the old one before sending it back - trying to replicate
but using a scissors. Maybe it's because mine was 2 years old and brittle, but that picture is about as far as it'll go - any more and it'll get punctured. I guess this is a lesson about promotional material - what they show is the best case, absolute limit. This is the video:
And in slow motion:

Update 9 Sep 13
I've received the replacement, and it came with a large self-addressed envelope for you to post the old one back. No postage, though. I'd already posted my old one back so I can't use it. If you want to chance it, you could wait for the replacement to arrive before sending your old one back.

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