09 September, 2013

invisibleSHIELD Revisited

First post
Returning the old one

First, the packaging:
There are some slight changes to the layout, but the text is exactly the same. That means those reviews are more than 2 years old, hmm. As you can see, this time I opted for the "Maximum" coverage, which is above "Full Body". Let's see how good their best coverage is. They still don't have different versions for Wi-Fi only and 3G models, but they've tried to accommodate both in their design.

This time, the sticking process went much better, since I was prepared and we used 2 people from the start. There were still some air/water bubbles in the end, though.

The front was much better than the back, which was done first.

Now for the corners. They've added a notch so the material doesn't wrinkle. This time, the coverage goes all the way to the edge, which is MUCH better than the Full Body (below). The front and back don't quite meet, so there's still exposed area.
The old coverage was terrible. What good is a skin that doesn't cover the edges? You might as well buy another screen protector and stick it on the back.

They don't have different versions for Wi-Fi only/3G models. In the past I had to peel the cover back to take out the SIM card. They've fixed this in the new version by making a cutout for the 3G version, then including a small piece you can stick back if you have the Wi-Fi version. It's bigger than the SIM card slot but I stuck it on anyway.

The installation solution comes in a credit card-sized bottle, which I really like. I tried to open it so I could refill it, but I couldn't. Now the bottle leaks. The instructions say if your bottle arrived empty or you run out, you can just add water, doesn't that imply the bottle is refillable? Maybe they have different bottles.

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