02 March, 2012

Macaroon Showdown

We wanted to find the best macaroons. So far, our favourites were Antoinette and Canele, which both had outlets in Orchard Road, so we decided to buy from both shops at the same time and meet in the middle (Ngee Ann City), so we could compare the 2 side by side.

First, Canele's packaging. They have a special box just for 2 macaroons!

Here they are side by side (Antoinette's on the right). They just use a plastic bag if you buy 2 macaroons. Canele - $2.50 each. Antoinette - about $2.80 (didn't take note).

Antoinette: outside and inside of the macaroons are roughly equally firm. Taste is more subdued than Canele's.

Canele: outside is firm while inside is soft, which is what I like about macaroons. Taste, especially for fruit flavours, is very fragrant. This is salty caramel.

Verdict: Canele has better price and packaging. I prefer their texture, which is similar to a toasted marshmallow. People who prefer a firmer macaroon will prefer Antoinette. I also prefer Canele's flavours which pack more of a punch.

Bonus! We also tried other macaroons.

The Icing Room ($2) - too hard. More like biscuits than macaroons.

Pique Nique ($2.15) - firm outside and soft inside, a bit like Canele's. Not much taste though.

Super Desserts Market - taste and texture are pretty good.

We also tried Canele's other desserts.
Clockwise from top left: hazelnut, raspberry and pistachio, salty caramel, and blueberry.

Creme brulee. The top is a bit bitter while underneath is sweet. An interesting combination.

Strawberry shortcake. The taste is simple, but fresh.

Here's a photo of a macaroon tower / cake I bought a month ago.

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