01 March, 2012

Breakaway HDMI cable

I bought a 3 meter HDMI cable so I can connect my laptop to my TV and still use it from my lap. When buying it I thought, if someone trips over it, won't it yank my laptop or TV to the floor, or at least damage the HDMI ports?

Do HDMI cables come in "break-away" form, like the MagSafe adapter, or the first Xbox's controllers? Maybe attached magnetically, but come apart when you pull them? I looked, but couldn't find any. I thought of an idea though, there are adapters to use HDMI over ethernet cat 6 cables. I've been irritated by RJ45 plugs with broken clips that keep falling out of the socket. If you broke off the clips off the cat 6 cables and used them for HDMI, would they break away if necessary? I think so, but I think what's more likely is they'll fall out too easily instead.

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