02 March, 2012

Instapure F8 Tap Water Filter

I used to use a Brita jug, now I decided to try a tap mounted water filter. The higher water pressure should allow for better filtration.

  • The filtered water actually tastes different. I think tap water tastes "sharper", because of the chlorine.
  • The filter has a green light that blinks when using filtered water. It's powered by a non-replaceable battery. It turns red when it's time to change the filter, but I don't think it's based on amount of water, I think it's based on time.
  • I like how filtered and unfiltered water have separate outlets, which prevents contamination, especially if the filter leaks.
  • The threads that screw onto the tap are plastic, while most taps are metal. This means the filter's threads may be stripped. Other brands of filters have problems with falling off taps. This doesn't seem to have any problems, but I'd still prefer metal threads. If I were buying a new filter, I'd look for one with metal connections.

Update 5 Nov 12
I tried to weigh a new and used filter, but the new filter weighed more. I think the weight is affected by the amount of water inside, which is hard to control.
 Used filter: 240.4g

 New filter: 247.8g

PS: The filters are about USD$17 on Amazon, while in Singapore they're about SGD$35!

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