30 June, 2017

Credit Cards In Singapore

  • 8% off dining (Citibank)
  • 6% off dining (OCBC)
  • 8% off groceries (Citibank)
  • 3% off everything! (UOB)
  • 1.5% off EVERYTHING! (Amex)
There are a few (advertisement-driven) sites comparing Singaporean credit cards. And indeed, there are some nice-sounding offers. But none of them tell you this. $75. That's the magic number. $75 is the most you'll get back from every card every month. It doesn't matter what they offer, 3% cashback or 8% or even 100%. In all their terms and conditions, it's all limited to $75 a month.

"Oh what about Amex? They say they have unlimited cashback" Well they use a sneaky trick. Tell me, what's the usual credit limit? 2-3× your salary, right? What's your credit limit on Amex? Well it's conveniently so that if you use it all up, your rebate is $75. What a coincidence!

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