20 April, 2016

Picasa Merging With Google Photos

Google is killing the Picasa desktop program, and merging Picasa Web Albums with its Google Photos. It tried to merge it with Google+, which was.. not well received.., and now it's trying, harder, with Google Photos. It's a necessary evil. It'd be much worse to have 2 photo services.

Merging services is fine. What's not is dropping features.
Copy Image URL
Wish we could get a picture URL
One of my biggest uses for PWA was for photo hosting. Most sites/forums will let you display photos, but won't actually host them for you, because it's expensive. PWA used to officially support this, with direct links to different sizes of photos in the panel. Photos has hidden this feature, most probably because it's expensive and uses more bandwidth. I wonder what the TOS has to say about bandwidth? Because all these cloud plans from all the companies (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud etc.) only specify storage space, but in web hosting, I'd say bandwidth is a more important parameter.

Anyway, Google is hiding this feature and may drop it at any moment. Just like Apple doesn't like you to use Photo Stream as photo storage. FOR NOW, right-click and "copy image URL" works. Here's a good page with more details, and how to dynamically resize the image:

What about on mobile though? I've found a longwinded way:
  • In the Google Photos app on iPhone, make a shared album and add all the photos you want to share into it (photos can be in more than 1 album)
  • Open that album's address in Chrome (there's a command to copy album link or something)
  • In Chrome, open the photo you want to get the address of. You should be seeing only this photo, not the album.
  • Request desktop site. The site doesn't seem to change.
  • Press and hold on the photo. Now you'll see the photo's address, and "Open Image". This is your final photo's address.
  • IMPORTANT: for privacy reasons, it seems you can't trace back the shared album with the individual image URLs. EXIF and geotag data seems to be removed.

Another step backwards is, there is no way to manually sort photos OR albums in Photos. No wait, it's worse. THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY to sort photos and albums. Photos seems to be sorted by date taken, and albums by newest photo. This one-size-fits-all mentality is really stupid.

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