15 April, 2016

iPhone Volume Controls

(I'm specifically calling this iPhone because I don't know if it applies to the iPad)

How many volume settings does the iPhone have? I'm positive of at least 3 independent ones, and maybe 3 more that may also be independent. This is important, e.g. so you don't silence your alarm.
  • Ringer - the most important one, also the one you change when you press the volume buttons when the phone isn't doing anything. The screen says "Ringer". Affects: calls, SMS, notifications, alarm clock. Silenced by silence switch, and partially silenced by DND mode EXCEPT THE ALARM CLOCK. Alarm clock still rings even if the phone is on silent or DND mode. Seems to be overridden if e.g. you're using an app that has sound, but you set the media volume (next one) to 0, then the ringer won't ring either.
  • Media (speaker) - for music, games and other apps through the speaker. This is the one you control in Control Center. Doesn't seem to be affected by silence switch. If you press the volume buttons when sound is playing through the speaker, this is the one you control, instead of the normal Ringer Volume. Seems like the 3rd party alarm apps I looked at use this volume.
  • Call volume - how loud people sound when you're using the speaker that requires you to hold your phone to your face.
Others, could be linked to the first 3:
  • Ringer/media/call (headphones) - I know Macs have separate volume settings for the speaker and headphones.
  • Ringer/media/call (Bluetooth) - both headset and A2DP (music playback) profiles
  • Call volume (apps) - some apps use the smaller speaker you use when you make calls (NOT speakerphone/music playback/ringing). WeChat even uses it for voice messages, so you can listen to them discreetly. I wonder if the volume for this is the same as call volume.
  • Speakerphone - is this a media or call volume?
  • Find My iPhone - supposed to be able to override some volume settings, is it then always max volume or is it controlled by something else?

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