06 April, 2015

Tweet: Would You Like To Save Changes?

Tweet - I'm starting a new type of one-liner style posts, like tweets. Enables faster comments without having to wait for a full post.
User Interface - I'm about to comment how technology has come so far, yet UI (and battery technology) remains so so very far behind. Seriously, phones have more processing power than computers that ran Windows XP yet they struggle to accurately select text?

Here's an idea, instead of just asking people if they would like to save changes when quitting Word or Excel, how about actually showing what the changes are? Most of the time it's just because you printed it. It's stupid how I can't give Word 2 versions of the same file and have it show me what the differences are. This is trivially easy, developers. No, instead you have to "track changes" while you edit. Has nobody thought of this before?

Also on UI:
  • Long ago, links on websites used to be in blue. A bit boring, but definitely more practical than now where links are hidden within normal text. I'm talking about usernames and times being links. Did you know times on Facebook take you to a direct link to the post? Did you know "edited" takes you to previous versions of a post? More than once I've considered tabbing through a webpage to find the links.
  • Controls that only appear when you mouse over them are retarded. How do they expect you to discover them?
  • As is putting links at the bottom of auto-scroll webpages. Lots of sites now, they aren't organised into pages. When you reach the bottom, it automatically loads more, making the page longer. Example: Google image search. Makes remembering the location of things impossible but whatever. What's absolutely brainless and shows no planning is putting links at the bottom. So you scroll all the way down, see "help" "API" "settings", and before you can click on anything, the page loads and the links are pushed down. How on earth are you supposed to click on those links? Facebook used to do this but at least they've improved.
Ok this went on for longer than I expected for a tweet.

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