06 March, 2015

Remax Glass Screen Protector

I finally tried out a tempered glass screen protector, by Remax. I didn't take a picture of it, but the thick cardboard packaging says 9H and 0.1 (probably thickness). I was actually already using it in my iPhone 6 Plus post, but didn't mention it. Minor dislike: in the iPhone 6 Plus post, you can see it doesn't completely surround the Home button, probably because it has to maintain a gap from the edge for varying case designs.
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It's actually quite good. As a screen protector, I'd say it's even the best screen protector I've used, for these reasons:
  • It's HIGHLY scratch resistant. Meaning until I removed it, it looked as good as new.
  • It's also easy to clean / dirt resistant. I don't know if they put a coating or glass is like that. It repelled fingerprints so much better than PET screen protectors. Most of the time when I took it out of my pocket it was already clean.
  • It felt great and smooth. Probably how the naked screen feels.
No wonder these are getting so popular. Regarding application, I didn't want to risk $30 so I let the shop do it. It looked the same as plastic screen protectors, less flexible but it can still be bent slightly. Probably can't do the: use tape to lift a corner to remove dust trick.

The MAJOR problem was, it only lasted 2 months:
One day I discovered this chip on one of the edges (this is the screen protector after taking it out). It was flaking glass powder. It didn't seem dangerous, but you don't want this near your face or scratching your screen, so I replaced it. So - it doesn't shatter once it's damaged. Is it really tempered glass?

When removing it, the chip was a weak point and it cracked. Still didn't shatter.

Now, these are great and I'd love to continue using them, but $30 every 2 months is too expensive. PET screen protectors cost 1/20 to 1/10 the price and I'll live with the dirty screen and replace them more often if I have to.

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