07 November, 2014

Fenix UC35

Fenix has released the UC35 torch, which is very similar to my UC40UE. I'm not sure if it's meant to replace the UC40UE.

  • Same Cree XM-L2 U2 "emitter" (bulb)
  • 960 lumens
  • Similar throw distances
  • Power sources: 18650, CR123A

  • The major difference is the UC35 can charge any 18650 battery. While the UC40UE can run off any 18650 battery, it can only charge its own double-ended battery. (not sure how "any" is "any" battery, i.e. protected batteries)
  • Because of the wider range of batteries it charges, there are more charging protections.
  • UC35 has another low level, 50 lumens. Other levels are shifted up. However its lowest is also raised to 14 lumens, which I think is actually LESS useful than the UC40UE's of 10.
  • Charging port is moved to the side
  • UC35 has a pocket clip?
  • It now has dual switches, so it has momentary on.

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