18 November, 2014

AmazonGlobal's Free Shipping

First post about Amazon's international shipping

I can't figure out why shipping is charged for some products, even though they seem to be eligible for free shipping. The conditions seem to be:
  • Larger than 18" × 14" × 8"
  • Heavier than 20 lbs
  • If the item says it has to be shipped separately (see the right side of the picture below)

I was trying to buy the product above. It wasn't too big or heavy, so I'm guessing it's the "ship separately" clause that disqualifies it.

If an item meets these conditions, shipping will be charged on THE WHOLE ORDER, which isn't very good programming. i.e. if I have an eligible USD125 order with free shipping and then add an ineligible product, I now have to pay shipping for the original order AND the new product, instead of only the new product as I'd expect. The solution is to break it into 2 orders.

More questions:
  • Are products sold by other sellers (fulfilled by Amazon) also eligible for free global shipping? Can they at least use Amazon's international shipping prices? So far the answers seem to be no.
  • You know how some sites earn money by having a link to Amazon, and Amazon pays them a commission when you buy things from that link? Amazon also has a charity, Smile, that works in a similar way. When you start shopping from the Amazon Smile page, Amazon donates some money you spend to charity. How does this work? Does Amazon keep track of when you add every item to your cart and who to donate to? Or is the donation for the entire cart?
  • Is there any way to tell which seller you're buying from when looking at your cart? Sellers make a huge difference in delivery, shipping, reliability and Amazon is either nonchalant about telling or deliberately obscuring this information. I'm leaning towards the latter.

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