21 July, 2014

Fenix UC40 UE Anticipation

After considering several torches, and vacillating between several choices (I don't know why I used vacillating, I didn't even know I knew the word, it just popped into my head), I finally decided on the UC40 (Ultimate Edition). It must be emphasised that I chose the 960 lumen Ultimate Edition (Fenix seems to like making UEs of their torches), not the earlier 420 lumen one. By writing this post while waiting, hopefully I can record my thoughts now and, having less to write when the torch arrives, write the actual review earlier.

When choosing it I already knew it was meant more for convenience and EDC than tactical use. Reasons:
  • No intermittent on
  • Cannot save strobe mode (BUT you can activate it one-handed from any mode, unlike Nitecore's MH2C)
  • Cannot even leave strobe mode on
  • No crenulated/crenelated (there are 2 words! This is becoming an English post!) bezel
However, despite how important tactical features sound, I thought I wouldn't actually use them, and the convenience of USB charging is more important.

I was actually strongly leaning towards Nitecore's P12, which I consider a better torch, but requiring a separate charger made it more expensive and inconvenient to use.

The UC40UE is actually very similar in size, weight and price to Nitecore's MH2C. So why did I choose the UC40UE?
  • MH2C has better waterproofing, with a collar to cover the USB port, while UC40UE only has a silicone plug.
  • MH2C has a removable head - no batteries getting stuck
  • MH2C has dual battery springs
  • MH2C can charge "any" 18650 battery
  • MH2C comes with a clip
  • UC40UE is side-switched
  • the main main reason is, UC40UE can enter strobe mode at any time, on or off, simply by holding down the button. MH2C requires you to twist the top to normal mode, then cycle to strobe mode. If you save strobe mode then use turbo mode, 1) you can only use turbo mode - you can't use, say, low mode then switch to strobe quickly 2) you need 2 hands to turn to strobe mode
  • UC40UE has a lower minimum mode
  • UC40UE comes with a higher capacity battery

Right off, these are the things I don't like about the UC40UE:
  • Can only unscrew the tail cap
  • Plug and switch cover don't seem to be replaceable
  • No crenelations

I bought it from http://www.fenix-store.com/, mainly because they also had the diffuser tip, and they had cheap, simple international shipping. I asked them if they had any belt clips that would fit the UC40UE, since it didn't come with one, and they were very nice and found one for me! Since the torch is a standard 1" diameter, it should be easy to find, but it still saved me the trouble and expense of looking for one.

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