10 June, 2014

One-Piece Multi Tools

My search for a clip for my KeySmart has led to a new interest in One-Piece Multi Tools, or prybars, or pry bars. These are small, keychain-sized tools, usually made of a single piece of metal. Common tools are: bottle opener, (screw)drivers and wrenches, pry bars or wedges, clips and package openers.

I liked this clip on the left first. After winning an auction for the OPMT on the right, I decided to buy the clip as well.
The clip on the left is a copy of the "Munroe Mega Dangler", which looks exactly the same, only made of titanium. I think the original costs about USD$60, and is STILL very hard to find. This copy cost Punisher Skull
, which sells for about USD$50. I also found out that the capsules manufactured by Tiremet and Titaner I mentioned in my Ti2 Sentinel post are mostly copies of ill Gear's products. This skull is by Tiremet.

Both of these tools have bottle openers, a few hex wrenches (the skull has more), flat screwdrivers and pry edges. The clip has holes for keys, and of course, a clip. I think the original Mega Dangler has a thin edge to be used as a package opener, but this clip didn't. Its edges were also too blunt to be used as a pry bar. I sharpened one of the edges (but not too sharp) and am testing it now.

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