16 June, 2014

KeySmart Clips

Key Smart post
Clips used

I bought the clip to use with my KeySmart. How did it go? I tried 2 configurations:
On The Back
To do this, I stuck KeySmart's screw into the slot in the clip. This wasn't easy, and I had to use my titanium pry tool to open the clip up. Once inside, it fits quite well. Then I screwed it onto my KeySmart.
It fits quite well in this position, and can be used as a clip. But the other functions (e.g. bottle opener) can't be used - when you rotate the clip to use it, the KeySmart tightens/loosens. Thus this configuration isn't very useful.

Inserted Into KeySmart
The holes in the clip fit the KeySmart's posts:
So I inserted the clip into the KeySmart as if it were a key. This configuration is slightly better - you can rotate it to use the bottle opener (the screwdrivers are a bit blocked because the hole is near the edge). Problems: too long and stiff to clip onto pants, cannot fold up completely, difficult to use screwdriver/cannot use pry bar.

So I'd say this clip can't be used with the KeySmart as I intended. You can still use it as a dangler e.g. by attaching both to a split-ring. Oh, well, it's still quite fun to carry around.

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