11 August, 2013

Facebook: Block apps from Activity Log


If you click on your profile in FB, then Activity Log, you'll see a list of posts from apps you've used, depending on the app. Candy Crush is particularly spammy.
  • This list shows people what you've been doing
  • I don't think this shows up in people's News Feeds, but if it does, it's irritating to them


We're not going to prevent apps from posting, just make their posts only visible to the account owner. Since FB keeps changing, this method may not work for long.
  1. On the left, below "All Apps", click on "MORE"
  2. Click on the app you want to hide
  3. On the top right (circled in red), change it to "Only Me"
Actually I just discovered this, so I haven't tested it yet.

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