17 February, 2013

Things in 2013

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NUS law professor, Tey Tsun Hang, on trial for "sex for grades" with Darinne Ko

Ng Boon Gay acquited

PAP unveils white paper aiming for 6.9 million people in 2030, which is not received very well

Horse and other meats found in beef in Europe

North Korea successfully tests a ~7 kiloton nuclear device

Oscar Pistorius, a runner with double below-knee amputations who competed in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, is charged with murder for shooting his girlfriend dead

Pope retires, first time in 600 years

Cruise ship, Carnival Triumph, suffers engine room fire, losing power and propulsion. It has to be towed by another ship, while passengers stuck on board experience declining living conditions. Another ship by the same company, Carnival Dream, also suffers generator failure a month later, in March. Passengers have similar troubles, but all this time this ship was in dock. This is the same company that owned the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that famously sank in 2012!

Russia gets "hit" by a meteor, injuring 1000+ people, just hours before a large asteroid, DA14, is due to pass Earth.

H7N9 bird flu outbreak in China

North Korea makes threats about launching missiles (as of writing)

Margaret Thatcher passes away

Bombing during Boston Marathon. 3 days later, bombers shoot dead a MIT campus police officer on campus, leading to a huge chase and parts of Boston being under lockdown ("shelter in place").

Huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas

Bangladesh factory collapses, killing more than 1,000. It is said to be Bangladesh's worst industrial accident.

Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 hits Sichuan

Malaysian General Election, with allegations of phantom voters, deliberate electrical blackouts and mystery voting boxes being delivered to voting centres.

Man is found to have kidnapped and held 3 women for more than 10 years in Cleveland, Ohio

A huge tornado, up to 2 miles wide, hits Oklahoma

Edward Snowden reveals American National Security Agency (NSA)'s surveillance program, PRISM, which is considered a major security breach

Unprecedented haze in Singapore, with 3 consecutive days of record-breaking PSI: 290 (19 Jun), 371 (20 Jun), 401 (21 Jun). Respirator masks and air purifiers sold out.

Asiana Airlines plane crashes on landing at San Francisco International Airport.

George Zimmerman found not guilty of shooting dead Trayvon Martin.

New Zealand dairy company Fonterra's milk recalled gobally following botulism scare, but later tests found a different, less dangerous type of bacteria instead.

Uprising in Egypt. President Morsi, elected a year ago in 2012, is ousted.

Uprising in Syria. Government accused of using chemical weapons.

Shooting in USA at D.C. Navy Yard. Death toll: 12

Shooting in USA in a Chicago park. No deaths.

Wrecked cruise ship Coasta Concordia is pulled upright.

Terrorists storm shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing 65.

Indoor ceiling in Jem mall collapses, causing the mall to close for a few weeks.

Construction crane topples at the National Art Gallery construction site, killing 2 workers.

US government shutdown, as political parties cannot agree on a budget.

US woman is shot dead after hitting a Secret Service agent and barrier with her car at the White House and Capitol.

Fire at SingTel exchange takes down Internet access and cable TV for various locations.

Typhoon Haiyan hits Philippines and other countries, killing thousands in Philippines alone and causing widespread damage in cities such as Tacloban. Haiyan was one of the strongest typhoons ever observed.

Tornadoes hit U.S. Midwest

Row between Australia and Indonesia; Australia accused of tapping Indonesian president's phone.

5 Dec - Nelson Mandela dies

8 Dec - Riot involving 400 people in Little India, Singapore after a bus knocks down and kills a pedestrian.

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