17 February, 2013


I tried to get into Skyrim, but I still prefer WoW.
  • Skyrim is a bit too realistic. Shops open and close, they don't buy everything, and can run out of money.
  • Inventory management is poor. You can't see what items you have while crafting, for instance.
  • Items are sorted alphabetically, which isn't very useful - e.g. potion of healing and potion of minor healing. They should at least be sorted by kind first.
  • If you have several of the same item, you can't choose which to use (regarding stolen items).
  • It loads ALL THE TIME. Enter a shop? Load. Enter your house? Load.
  • Casters are overpowered. Those who disagree, I challenge you to complete the Azura's Star quest on a warrior.
  • Speaking of that, you can't see the level of enemies. They say it scales up with your level? What's the point of having levels then?

But the main problem is: it's not epic enough. What do I mean? I'll compare it with WoW. The last expansion, Cataclysm, was about Deathwing, a mad dragon aspect about to Destroy The World. To destroy Deathwing, there was a long period of preparation culminating in an epic final battle. Throughout the preparation, you see how dangerous and powerful Deathwing is.

How would it feel if, at the start of the expansion at level 80, you already kill Deathwing? Underwhelmed - that's what happens in Skyrim. Right at the start of the game, you, with a bunch of rag-tag guards, kill a dragon. Within the first hour, you do it again, outside Whiterun. Not far into the game, you're killing dragons BY YOURSELF (maybe with the help of your horse). What's the big deal about dragons if they're so easy to kill? There's not much excitement in the game if the whole premise behind the story gets killed twice in the first hour.

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