27 December, 2012

Installing Windows XP on Dell Optiplex 9010

When trying to install Windows XP from my Professional SP3 CD, I would get a BSOD after it said "Starting Windows" (I think the one before that was loading NTFS). Thinking it was caused by excess newfangled hardware, similar to the DBAN problem, I disabled everything I could in BIOS. Specifically:
  • Integrated NIC from Enabled with PXE to disabled
  • Serial port from COM1 to disabled
  • SATA operation from RAID on to ATA
  • USB configuration Boot support and USB 3 to off (remember to plug your keyboard and mouse into the USB 2 ports, not the USB 3)
And it works! Re-enabling SATA to RAID causes a BSOD when Windows XP is starting, so it looks like that's the problem.

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