11 September, 2012

Zuma Blitz Kroakatoa Island

Zuma Blitz (Facebook game) just released Kroakatoa Island, and here are the changes I've observed so far:
  • Looks like it's going to be a permanent, compulsory change, like FB's Timeline, unlike Farmville's other farms, where you can come and go.
  • At first glance, scores seem to be lower.
  • They've removed the score breakdown at the end of each game, so you can't tell what bonuses are the best!
  • No more idols or mojo, now replaced by coins - WHICH YOU DON'T GET BY PLAYING, unlike mojo. You can only get coins by leveling up.
  • Max lives seems to be 5? But there's no indicator so I can't tell.
  • No more coconuts. Looks like they really want you to pay now.
  • Besides power-ups, now they have "treats"
  • Levels are now replaced by "stars". Every 10 stars, it looks like you get a new title.
This is the receipt for how they convert your old idols etc. into coins. I bet nobody thought to copy this. Conversion looks like:
  • 1 coconut = 1 heart
  • 1 idol = 1250 coins
  • 1 mojo = 1.5 coins
  • double xp potion remains the same

Powerups cost 3000-4000 coins now, while they used to cost 1000 mojo. From the conversion, they should only cost 1500 coins. So besides coins not being able to be won by playing (except when leveling up), the price has increased by at least 2x!

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