12 September, 2012

AOC e1649Fwu portable USB monitor

  • Light
  • USB powered
  • Standard mini-USB port
  • Display quality looks ok (same as my Lenovo G580 anyway)
  • 3 year on-site warranty 
  • Has a leg that can display in both orientations
  • Has automatic orientation sensing

  • Thick
  • Makes this high-pitched sound (I think it's some oscillator to increase the voltage, like a camera flash charging)
  • Needs a hard cover to protect the display if it's meant to be portable
  • No controls for brightness, contrast etc.
  • Narrow vertical viewing angle - if you use it in portrait mode, your left and right eyes see different colours

Ok I noticed some banding in grey menu bars, which isn't visible on my G580's screen. I suspect this display isn't capable of displaying that many colours (the specifications say only 262k colours). I tried to take a picture of this, but it wasn't visible because of the moire.

Update 18 Nov 13
Measured the power consumption using my PortPilot Pro. It uses 1.29 A, or 254% of the official USB's limit of 0.5 A. About 6 W. That's pretty efficient. I wonder how it gets the USB port to deliver so much current?

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