13 July, 2012

WD Elements 2.5" 500 GB external HDD

I do wish harddisk manufacturers would change the names of their products once in a while, so you don't get about 10 versions when you search.

Anyway, I wanted to open mine, thinking maybe I could use it as a SATA-USB adapter. No such luck. THE HARDDISK INSIDE HAS A MICRO USB PORT BUILT-IN. IT CANNOT BE USED AS A SATA DISK, NOR CAN ANOTHER SATA DISK BE USED. The bad news is it's quite hard to open, the good news is it doesn't seem to do any damage (other than scratches, gouges in the plastic etc.)
If you look carefully, you'll see that the micro USB port is on the same logic board as the harddisk. The other pins don't seem to be used.
 These catches are how the cover snaps in.
These rubber stoppers fit into the screw holes on the HDD, and allow it to fit snugly in the case. I love screwless solutions.
This is cute. The LED on the logic board does not line up with the case, so a "waveguide" is used to direct the light.
This is the end of the "waveguide" where the light comes out. It has a yellowish tint, from the LED.

I wonder if there are any easily openable 2.5" external HDDs?


  1. hello

    is there any solution to access my hdd if the usb part connector is broken??

  2. Normally I'd advise buying the exact same model and swapping the logic boards, but I'm not sure how easy it is with this model since I can't see the logic board connector. I think it's under the silver tape. It depends on how comfortable you are with tinkering. If you have no experience and the data is important, I'd take it straight to a good recovery service.

  3. i see, most likely the chance for recovery is very low.But here, I'm afraid recovery service will cost more than the hdd itself. Anyway thanks for reply dude, :)