13 July, 2012

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium

I bought this flash drive many years ago (2006 at the earliest), at about $70 for 2 GB. I think this is at least the second generation of Cruzer Titanium, the first was really made of titanium metal.

This is made of Liquidmetal. It's quite an interesting material, a metal with properties of glass (hard, strong but brittle). The material was a main reason I bought this drive. SanDisk used to have a Sansa mp3 player also made of Liquidmetal. Other than SanDisk products, the only other Liquidmetal products I know of are golf clubs, tennis racquets, a Mont Blanc cufflink and a special edition of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. So, this is the only one I can afford. Liquidmetal might see an increase in popularity soon - Apple has bought the license to use it in their products.

A bit about this product, it's supposed to be SanDisk's high end flash drive, so it's faster and came with U3 software - a virtual CD drive that allowed you to run your own programs, including Firefox. Unfortunately U3 must not have been very popular since they no longer use it. SanDisk also doesn't seem to make any more Cruzer Titanium or Liquidmetal products, which is a pity, like their Ultra II USB SD card.

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