02 July, 2012

MacBook Pro Has Died

What happened

On 28 June 2012, I was using Windows on my MBP when it suddenly shut down, making that fan spinning down sound when you force it to shut down by holding down the power button. After that, it did not respond to the power button any more, even after resetting the SMC.

One useful thing I learnt was when you reset the SMC, the battery indicator lights light up, so you know you're doing something right. They light up:
  • about 3 seconds after you press all the buttons and if you don't release them
  • immediately after releasing the buttons if you don't hold them down for too long
There's also quite a lot of allowance to the timing - you don't need to press the buttons at exactly the same time. The irritating thing was NO site told you how long to hold the buttons down for when resetting the SMC (hold the buttons down for how long), so you're not sure if you're doing it right.

I sent the MBP for repair, and they said it needed a new "logic board" (why do they call it "logic board"? It sounds like it's for a simpler device, like a game console) which would cost $870+.

About a month ago my MBP's battery status was "service battery", which may have been related to this.

How I feel

  • Sad that a computer has died
  • Lost without a main computer
  • Disappointed in Apple's computers, since another MacBook Air, also around 3 years old, is having problems with its battery
  • It's slightly good that I got a new computer, but now I wish I'd gotten a better one.
  • Now I have to think of a new name for this site. I wonder what else MBNI can stand for?

Possible causes

  • I can't help but suspect high temperatures as the most likely cause
  • Maybe using it to charge my iPhone every night is bad for it?
  • Traveling?

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