25 June, 2012

What features will the next iPhone have?

I'm trying to think of what features they could put / I want in the next iPhone, and I can't think of any. After the accelerometer, gyroscope and IPS screen, it seems to have all the hardware it needs. I don't think it's just me - look at the Galaxy SIII, most of its features are in software. Other than the processor and screen, the only major differences seem to be the barometer and the radio. I wouldn't mind a barometer, but I'd prefer a thermometer. One way to improve the iPhone screen might be to make it bigger, but that wouldn't suit everybody.

Things that are a given

  • Faster processor
  • 4G
  • More RAM (not mentioned)

Likely things that would be nice

  • Longer battery life
  • Thinner
  • Lighter
  • Cheaper?

Things I'd like that can be done in software

  • FIX AUTOCORRECT - I'm finding it more and more irritating these days, and I'm trying to write a post on all its annoyances
  • STOP SYNCING MUSIC, PHOTOS AND VIDEOS - no, nothing's changed with my music library. Stop checking every time I sync. http://mbni.blogspot.sg/2011/08/itunes-has-got-wrong-idea.html
  • Stop being so picky with charging - it should charge on any USB power source
  • Pedometer would be nice, if they could make one that could run in the background and wouldn't use so much battery.
  • Manual camera settings in apps - they already allow separate focus and exposure lock, now allow shutter speed, ISO etc.

Things I'd like

  • Removeable battery
  • Fast charging - something like 70% in 30 minutes
  • Improve the camera - wide angle, high ISO, HD front camera
  • Fix the home button so it won't spoil so easily

Random ideas

  •  Now the screen resolution is good enough, maybe they'll improve the colour or refresh rate

Update 3 Aug 12
I'm just going to list things I want with no regard for practicality or whether they're even possible. Maybe this will give someone some ideas.
  • removeable battery
  • fast charging
  • inductive charging
  • high ISO camera (at least 1600)
  • macro mode
  • infrared camera
  • autofocus front camera
  • 3D cameras
  • high refresh rate screen
  • built-in projector
  • USB mass storage - wouldn't it be nice to replace the USB drive I always carry with a USB cable, then my phone can function as a USB drive and charge as well?
  • USB host
  • thermometer
  • barometer
  • NFC
  • offline maps
  • offline browser
  • improve the browser - now many sites can't be read properly, both because the screen is too small, requiring a lot of zooming and scrolling, and because it doesn't fully support Javascript, I think
  • swap SIMs without a tool
  • a better text input method - I think a numeric keypad with T9 is faster than the current method
  • a way to securely lock your phone that's faster than the current code method - biometrics, whatever
  • a better way to dismiss notifications - say your friend messages you "k". To dismiss this one character message, you have to unlock your phone and enter Messages. If not, it'll keep reminding you (I know you can turn reminders off, but I want them on). If you're doing something on your phone at that time, you have to switch to messages, then switch back. At least you should be able to dismiss notifications from the notification screen.
30 Oct 12
This post is still alive! Since many of these were not addressed with the iPhone 5, I'll continue adding to this list and hopefully someone looking for ideas will find it.
  • Photos app - it's ridiculous that you can't see the date, filename or any information about photos from the app.

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