28 May, 2012

Sea To Summit Travel Wallet and Titanium Spork

Problems with passport cases
  • Immigration doesn't like cases. Most ask you to remove them. Cases certainly don't fit in automatic machines.
  • If you travel now, you'll probably have to fill in an immigration card and keep the stub until you leave the country. Most cases have no place to keep the stub / let the stub fall out easily.
  • Similarly, there's no place to store extra passport photos / tickets / boarding passes / visa forms / insurance forms.
Well, I've found my perfect passport case: the Sea To Summit Travel Wallet, medium (pictured here is small)
  • Fits passport perfectly - smallest zip-around case I've seen
  • Thin
  • Light
  • Has an external zip so nothing can fall out
  • Also has 2 internal zips for cash/documents and coins
  • Has external pocket - great for boarding passes since you use them without needing your passport
I'm so happy with it, I'm putting it on my recommend list.

I also tried out their titanium spork
  • extremely light
  • had a slight metallic taste at first, but it seems gone now
  • rough texture - not very nice

Update 20 Jun 13
Grey marks are appearing on my cups/bowls, and I suspect they're from this spork.
In my cup. The marks only appear on one side - the same side the spork touches (I only hold, drink and put the spork in one position).

In my bowl. The marks cannot be washed out. They also look like they came from scraping something. I'm only using the spork on plastic and disposables for now.

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