02 June, 2012

Looking for international power strip

If you've ever moved countries, you'll have a mixture of electronic devices with plugs from several countries. Rather than getting individual adaptors for each plug, I'm looking for a power strip with universal/international sockets. These are common in China, but I don't know why they can hardly be found anywhere else. These are the features I want:
  • universal/international sockets
  • individual switches
  • individual indicator lights
  • shuttered
  • earthed
  • surge protection
  • built-in USB charging

Update 2 Jun 12
Yes! I've found it! It was ridiculously hard to find, even online. Those I saw online didn't seem to be of very good quality.
So it's not surge protected or USB charging enabled, but it'll do for now.

Update 25 Oct 12
Ok the switches were making crackling noises and sometimes there was no power, so I threw this away. Also, connection wasn't very good, maybe as a compromise for fitting so many shapes of plugs. So this type of power strip isn't very easy to use.

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