19 April, 2012

Infinity Blade 2 notes

Since my Infinity Blade guide is by far the most popular article on this site, I thought I'd write one for IB2. I'm not calling it a guide, just some things I've observed while playing.

  • It's so much easier because you start with the Infinity Blade. No, you can't sell it, nor any of the other starting gear, even if you buy and equip others.
  • There are lots more money bags around. Remember you can pan the camera around even during cutscenes.
  • New - treasure chests and keys. Should you buy the keys? So far, I've gotten - more cash than the key's price, a gem not in the Store, and a health regen (worth $3500, same as the small key it cost). Looks like you won't lose money on them, but you might get stuff you don't want. However, I've noticed some items are blacked out in the Store, so you may only be able to get them from these chests.
  • There doesn't seem to be any negative bloodlines, at least if you die at the beginning you restart Rebirth 1.


IB2 now comes with 3 classes of weapons. I don't think there's any point talking which class is best, since you have to use all the weapons to get the most exp/stat points anyway.


  • Gems are a new way to customise your items
  • They say enemies in a rebirth tend to have the same kind of elemental attacks, so it's worth swapping gems
  • You can't sell an item with gems in it, you have to remove the gems first. Costs money, the amount depends on the gem.
  • Gem Forge - you drop 3 gems in it, and get to "lucky draw" a new gem. Only takes time, does not cost money. New gem is drawn at random. Only put gems you don't want in it. DO NOT PUT YOUR BEST GEMS IN IT EXPECTING A NEW GEM WITH ALL THEIR POWERS!


  • Sword + shield - dodges and blocks, just like IB1
  • Combos - the same
  • If you use Super, 3 stab points appear before the enemy is stunned.


  • Blocks, no dodges
  • Combos - swipe twice in same direction, an arrow will appear telling you what direction to swipe next for the combo. Seems slower than Light.


  • Dodges, no blocks
  • Combos - do left, right, left, then every move after that is a combo, until the enemy blocks. Combos seem to do twice the damage of normal attacks, but are slower.
  • If you use Super, stab points appear for a while, letting you get around 10 stabs before the enemy is stunned. I think this also happens if you do a perfect parry break. 
  • Although you can't block, if you equip a shield with protection against certain kinds of attack, you still get that protection.

  • Personally, I think Light is the easiest to use, since the blocks in Light aren't directional, while the blocks in Heavy and the dodges in Dual have to be in the correct direction.

Clash Mobs

Clash Mobs is the new multiplayer mode, where you combine with other players to take down giant bosses. It's not real-time though. You only get one attempt at each objective.

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