05 June, 2011

Infinity Blade guide

I wrote this because the other guides online don't answer my questions, which is surprising considering how well written they are. Contains spoilers

How to play for fun and profit
I put this first because it's the most important. This idea is still in testing.
  • The idea is to stay in negative bloodlines to gain levels, exiting occasionally to reset your gear
  • Whatever stage your game is in now, switch to negative bloodlines
  • Play until your gear is mastered (or most of your gear)
  • Switch to normal bloodlines
  • Get the Infinity Blade and other gear
  • Kill the Deathless Kings and enter New Game +
  • In bloodline 2^2, enter negative bloodlines again
  • Repeat
  • The problem with this method I see is that you lose out on stat points from mastering items

  • Affected by: number of times you die/win at the hands of the boss
  • Affects: difficulty of other monsters, amount of gold dropped

  • Affected by: XP
  • Affects: your stats

Boss level
  • Affected by: number of times you've killed him
  • Affects: his difficulty

  • If you're having difficulty killing the boss, level up first
  • If you're having difficulty with the monsters, level up without increasing the bloodline (die and choose restart castle)
  • If you want to earn more money, play at the highest bloodline you can manage (get killed by the boss)

Negative bloodlines
  • Play negative bloodlines by dying during the tutorial (tap the shield, but don't hold)
  • You continue with your gear, gold and level, and get a new set of dark gear
  • You cannot change gear, you have to use the dark gear
  • Dark gear is powerful and has lots of mastery points
  • Don't stab people, it makes them stumble so you only get 1 hit in. Wait, then combo them when they're stunned >:)
  • When you advance a bloodline, it decreases by 1 (-1 to -2)
  • When you return to the positive bloodlines, you keep your XP, gold and gear, but lose the dark gear
  • What this means is you can use this to level up when your gear is mastered / you can't afford new gear. When you return you'll keep your level, but you have to start from bloodline 1 again.
  • If you enter, exit and re-enter negative bloodlines, it remembers your dark gear mastery and God King level, but I suspect starting a New Game + resets it
  • Not sure if you enter negative bloodlines with the Infinity Blade, whether you can kill the Deathless Kings
  • You can enter negative bloodlines from New Game +, same rules apply
  • When you return, you're back to bloodline 1 (not 1^2), enemies are from bloodline 1, but your gear mastery is still remembered. God King is back to level 50. The game seems to have been reset, except for your level, stats and previous masteries.

New Game +
  • Buy the Infinity Blade and use it on the stone in the castle basement
  • It opens the doors to 3 bosses, the "Deathless Kings"
  • Their levels are 50, 100 and 150
  • Defeating all 3 Deathless Kings opens the door to another boss, a level 200 robot (Zero Mech)
  • After killing the robot, another character walks out to fight you (very easy compared to the robot)
  • After killing that character, you've finally completed the game! You get the achievement "All good things... - Get to the final ending of the game".
  • You have an option to start a New Game + or next bloodline
  • If you start the next bloodline, you have to kill the robot again to start a New Game +
  • In New Game +, you get a superscript number to your bloodline: first + is ^2
  • Gear and gold are reset, level and stats are kept
  • Purpose is to let you continue leveling up, but negative bloodlines may be better for this

  • Save game files are compatible between iPhone and iPad! Use a file explorer, like iPhone Explorer, to copy the save files. It's a good idea to backup the save files as well.


  1. if you hit restart bloodline 1 do you keep all the gear youve bought? or does it all disappear?

  2. If you go to Options and Restart Bloodline 1, you keep your level, skills, gold and gear.

  3. Hey thanks for your guide!

    How do you normally distribute your stat points?

  4. For IB1 I don't use the shield, so I distribute them about equally between health, attack and magic.

  5. If i killed the 4 bosses, and then after i do that i go back to negative bloodlines, am i still allowed to but the new special available gear?