02 June, 2011

Spotlight as a calculator and dictionary

I found out this isn't as well-known as I thought, and it's pretty useful, so I'm sharing it here.

You can use Spotlight in OS X as a calculator by typing in the calculations. If you're already typing something, you don't even have to leave the keyboard - ⌘+spacebar opens the Spotlight query, and you can start typing straight away.

Hmm maybe this isn't as well-known either. You can also use Spotlight as a dictionary, by using the same method.


  1. love this!
    did you know you can even do stuff like
    as in with the brackets...so good considering that's not an actual calculator application!

  2. Yeah maybe we can solve the question "10+2x3=?" on Facebook. What's more amazing is it can do trigonometry and exponents as well!

    I realised people may not know it can be used as a dictionary either.

    Do you read this blog? I didn't know anyone read it haha.