01 November, 2011

Credit card / ID iPhone case

I said I was searching for this kind of iPhone case, and I got one from eBay.
  • it cost $2 including delivery, and looks exactly like the Case Mate one which sells for at least $39
  • similar ones were at least $10 in shops
  • again: why isn't this more popular, not for credit cards but for contactless cards? People don't play with their wallet on the bus. They play with their phones. They also need to tap their cards twice. Doesn't it make sense to keep the 2 together and not have to take out your card all the time?
  • protection: average. Top and bottom not protected, case doesn't extend above the screen much to protect it.
  • fit: very good. Still can't find an easy way to remove my phone.
  • build quality: surprisingly good, no sharp edges. The material is interesting. It's hard, like polycarbonate, but feels rubberised. A coating treatment seems too much for such a cheap case though.
  • holds 2 cards, very firmly. Swinging the phone or tapping it doesn't move the cards. Have to wait and see if stays this way.

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