24 October, 2011

iOS 5

Updated 22 Feb 12
  • 5 GB free (per account)
  • Backs up: photos, documents, apps, books, calendar, mail, messages, contacts, notes, reminders, bookmarks
  • Can select individual categories to backup, tends to slow down Wi-Fi
  • Does not backup (more like archive) app settings for deleted apps - can only restore entire device, not individual apps.
  • Does it sync app settings (high scores) across devices?
  • Cannot backup to both iCloud and computer
  • How safe is my data?
  • Restoring from iCloud: http://heresthethingblog.com/2011/10/18/restore-iphone-ipad-icloud-backup/ doesn't seem to be able to spot restore for now
  • Need OS X Lion to use on Mac

  • Swipe down to view Notification Center
  • Choose which apps are displayed in Notification Center, including weather and stocks
  • For each app, decide how notifications are displayed (none, banners, alerts), badge app icon (number on app icon), whether they're shown on the lock screen

  • Like notes with a checklist
  • Location based (optional)
  • Date and time reminders (optional)
  • Checked items go to Completed list. There is no easy way to clear this list
  • View reminders by date or list

Sounds and vibration
  • Custom sounds for messages, voice mail, email, sent email, tweets, calendar and reminder - fully custom - can set own ringtones!
  • Programmable vibration patterns!
  • For each contact you can now set custom ringtone, text and vibration

  • Start camera from lock screen
  • Take pictures with volume + on phone or even on earphone remote
  • Display 3x3 grid when composing
  • Focus lock
  • Red eye correction, cropping in Photos app
  • Still has the colour problem
  • If you choose to, photos taken are stored in Photo Stream, across all devices. Seems to be impossible to delete photos from this for now. Photos stored for 30 days. Photos are only stored at 1920x1434 resolution. 

  • Delivery receipts
  • Read receipts (if recipient allows)
  • See when someone's typing
  • Free, if you (both?) have Internet access
  • Can tell if contact has iMessage before sending
  • Some problems with multiple devices, or people stopping using iOS 5. Looks like they need to update the servers more often 
  • If recipient does not have data coverage, it'll try for a few minutes, then eventually send as text message. If you know they don't have data coverage, you can hold down on your sent message and force it to send as text message.
  • Send pictures and location (untested)

  • Private browsing!
  • Still limited to 9 tabs on iPad?
  • Reading list


  • Post to Twitter from some apps e.g. Photos
  • Does it still need a Twitter app?

Wi-Fi sync

Autocomplete phrases (under General > Keyboard) If you constantly type the same phrase, you can set up a shortcut for it (e.g. em becomes your email). I think the best part is you can reject this any time - instead of correcting automatically, the suggestion pops up like autocorrect. This means it's still possible to just type the shortcut.

  • Format emails

  • New views

  • Video now separate app

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