26 September, 2011


I finally got a Twitter account, mainly to learn how to use Twitter. I figured since I can't program and I don't use an open source OS, if I want to be a geek I should at least keep up to date with sites EVERYONE is using. Also partially because recently I've been feeling reluctant to learn new things, and I'm not sure if this is due to growing old or being busy. I'm determined not to become someone who sticks to familiar comfortable things as they grow old, so this is me keeping up. As they say, you don't stop learning because you grow old, you grow old because you stop learning.

There's some overlap between Twitter, Facebook and Blogger, so I haven't figured out niches for each of them yet.

From what I've seen of Twitter, I have to commend them for having a vision and sticking to it. Recently there have been many companies floundering due to lack of vision. This has cost them greatly, and in the case of Borders, resulted in their closure. Facebook recently made many changes (subscriptions, new news feed, ticker, I have to write about this in a new post) that have been widely criticised. Maybe they're trying to assimilate Twitter, MySpace and Google+, but they should be cautious of losing sight of their goals. Even big, popular companies can make very expensive mistakes, like HP found out.

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