28 August, 2011


I went to Shenzhen, which is like the source of all computer equipment.

What do they sell there?
  1. Handphones. Oh, so many handphones.
  2. Handphone accessories
  3. Computers/laptops and parts
  4. Cameras
  5. Media players
  6. Torches and laser pointers
  7. LED bulbs
  8. LED sign panels (see below)
I only had 1 day to explore the electronics shopping centres, so I couldn't possibly see all of them. Although the stuff there is cheaper, most of it is available in Sim Lim Square, so there's no point going just to buy these things. Especially since you have to bargain and calculate to avoid being cheated, and keep an eye on your stuff while you're there. For example, I was thinking of buying a wand scanner:
The best price I found there was slightly more expensive than in Sim Lim Square! More common things were cheaper.

I didn't buy much. I bought a Singapore Apple plug (for the iPhone or MacBook adapter), a weighing scale and an LED panel (RMB$180):
I used to have one from ThinkGeek. That was slightly troublesome because it used disposable batteries and seemed to use up the batteries even when switched off. This one uses rechargeable batteries, and it lasts quite long. I left it on overnight and it still had power. It's programmed by computer, and can also display images.

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