12 June, 2011

Cameras with special features

Looking for a new camera? Can't differentiate between the brands? Want a camera that stands out from the crowd? This is a list of cameras I've observed that have unique features.

Built in projector - Nikon
Easily show off your pictures to others. Sony recently came out with a video camera with a built in projector as well.

3D - Fujifilm
Has 2 lenses to capture 3D images. I think the lenses can be used to take pictures at different zoom levels as well. To show off the 3D pictures, there's a built-in lenticular (no glasses needed) display, and they sell a 3D digital photo frame.
Nintendo's 3DS can also take and display 3D pictures, although at lower quality.

Front facing screen - Samsung
Useful for self portraits.

Shock/water resistant - Olympus, then Panasonic, now almost every brand
Olympus had water resistant film cameras with their mju series, now they have durable digital cameras as well. This feature must be popular, now almost every brand has their own model.

High speed - Casio
Their cameras have speed in many areas - start up, autofocus, picture to picture time, and video framerate. As an example, their EX-ZR100 can take still images at 40 fps, and video at 1000 fps (although at almost-unusable 224x64 resolution).

High sensitivity (ISO) - ?
Infrared - ?
I'd really like to see an infrared camera.

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