06 May, 2011

Spliced Word file

I recently tried to fix a Word file, and this is what I learnt.

By the looks of it, the file had been “spliced” with another, autorun.inf. The beginning went:

Solution 1
Save the Document to Another File Format, and Then Convert It Back to Word
  1. Open file
  2. Save as: (in decreasing priority) rtf, html, other text formats, txt
  3. Close and reopen

Solution 2
Insert the Document As a File in a New Document
  1. In a new document, insert > file

Solution 3
Open the File by Linking to It
  1. Create and save a new document with sample text
  2. In a second, new document, paste special > paste link > formatted text (rtf)
  3. In the second document, edit > links
  4. Change source > select broken document

Solution 4
Use the Recover Text from Any File Converter
This one finally worked, but I found that in addition to being corrupted, the file was also unsaved, so there wasn’t much data in it anyway.
  1. File > open > change file type to recover text from any file (*.*)

References (with more solutions)

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