01 January, 2011

iPhone and Android bugs

Let's start the new year with some bug reports, shall we?

Ever since Daylight Savings started, the iPhone's recurring alarms have been plagued with a bug, ringing 1 hour off. With the new year comes a new bug!
It's a good thing I saw this, since I use my iPhone as my primary alarm. I just tried it and it's true. Sometimes, for important things like alarms, simple, dedicated devices are best, preferably without even automatic DST. How hard is it to make a working alarm?
Apparently a solution is to set a recurring alarm instead - I tried this and it works. How ironic, first the recurring alarms didn't work, now the non-recurring alarms don't work.

Not to be outdone, Android has a bug of its own
This sends text messages to the wrong people, without even telling you! Both bugs are serious.

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