09 December, 2010

Disappointing ThinkGeek products

I love ThinkGeek. I love the unique and geeky things they sell. However, when I bought from them, I was disappointed with what I got. Maybe they're really good with hype and advertising, causing people to expect more. It seems a lot of their products are bought elsewhere and rebranded.

ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone keyboard case review by Engadget (4/10)
See for yourself.

This "Relativity Watch" seems very interesting. What does it do? "In 30 seconds, 3 becomes 9!" On careful observation, all that means is that the face rotates. It has no value for timekeeping! You still tell the time with the hands, normally. You'd expect the face to morph or have some consequence on reading the time, but no.

A piece of aerogel for $35? Tip: eBay.

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