10 November, 2010

Farmville tips

There are A LOT of sites claiming to offer FV tips/cheats/hacks/whatever out there, but most of them are rubbish. They're just out to make a quick buck, since there are so many FV players and they're willing to spend money. Here's a tip: instead of spending $20 on a tips book, spend it on farm cash. You'll get so much more out of it, and support the company at the same time. I saw a site with some really ridiculous tips, like "don't plant only 1 type of crop at a time". Yes, of course! I want to log in every 2 hours to farm 10 plots of land!

I'm not a pro FV player, but I'm going to offer my FV tips here. At least you know it's not a scam, I'm not asking you to pay to read a book of unproven use - my tips are open and free, here!

This is my farm right now. Here are some observations:
  • You're thinking, "oh, he's gone and planted different types of crops too." Yes, that's because I didn't have enough money to plant a whole farm of yellow melons. Despite that, my crops are timed to mature AT THE SAME TIME
  • Blocking the farmer in the middle is very useful. You could use hay bales, or if you want to show off like me, mastery signs.
  • Buildings are placed for maximum crop space. If you notice, there's thin strips of land on the top left and right because the plots don't fill the whole farm. I've arranged my buildings so they use up that strip of land. I know there are probably more efficient ways of packing, but this is the simplest, and it can't go too far off. Previously, I tried filling those strips of land with trees.
I know most people play for aesthetics and stuff, but look at it this way: do you want a pretty level 10 farm, or a pretty level 50 farm? Focus on leveling and getting money until you reach your desired level, then bother about looks.

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