03 September, 2010

iPhone pouches

My iPhone gets really dusty in my pocket, so I got some pouches for it.
I bought this on eBay. I won it by auction, and got 2 for less than AUD$0.60, including shipping! I don't know how they can sell this for less than the cost of a local letter. The seller isn't selling anything now. Maybe that's the reason.

I wanted to buy those Oakley bags that can be used to clean lenses as well, because I can use it to store and clean, and you know, it's Oakley. The store was selling one for $25, so I went to another optical store to look for microfiber bags. I bought this for $17, and it came with a matching cloth too.
It's a bit too big. It's really good at cleaning fingerprints. You can see it lifts away the oil instead of pushing it around. I usually don't like paint on my cleaning cloths, but this doesn't seem to affect it. Today, it wasn't cleaning so well, maybe because it got clogged up, so I tried washing it with my laundry and now it's as good as new. It can remove fingerprints with 1 pass.
I love microfiber!

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