29 August, 2017

Types Of Memory

No, I'm not talking long term and short term, which seems to be the only differentiation.
It seems there are a few kinds of memory. At different times, some kinds are better than others. Here are some kinds I mean:

Self-Triggering / Reminders
Remember to do X when A happens. Siri, remind me to email Alex when I get home.

ToDo / Train Of Thought
Things I'm going to do next. Not so much a list as your next objective. What did I come into this room for? http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160307-why-does-walking-through-doorways-make-us-forget
For me, most commonly it's when I'm browsing something, I'll think "shop for X next" or "visit website Y next", then a moment later I can't remember what I was going to do.
This is the kind of memory I seem to have problems with the most, or the first kind to have problems.
Might also be related to the nagging feeling that you're forgetting something. This could be due to you really forgetting, or actually not having forgotten anything ,just having problems clearing the reminder in your brain.

Speaking of lists, I wonder if they're another type of memory. Certainly memorising lists uses a different kind of memory.

Tip Of The Tongue / Vocab
Inability/difficulty to recall the word of choice.

Did I lock the door? Turn off the tap?
There are stretches of our experience that simply aren't recorded.

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